Lots planning has gone into the launch party for PILLOW STALK, hosted by Chevalier's Books in Larchmont. I'm excited about this collaboration. I think there's room for improvement over my DESIGNER DIRTY LAUNDRY launch party, and am happy to support an indie bookstore. Plus, one of my favorite non-writing things to do is to plan a party, so this has been a nice bonus.
I picked this week to launch PILLOW STALK because it's the anniversary of the premiere of the movie PILLOW TALK (1959!). I know Rock Hudson enjoyed Agatha Christie's books in his life, and I like to think somewhere in that great malt shop in the sky, he's enjoying my book.
One month from publication date. Uploaded cover and interior files for PILLOW STALK. Now I wait for the proof.

Polyester Press titles have international appeal! Winners reside in GB, CA, AU, and US. ARCs for PILLOW STALK going into the mail today.
Very excited to partner with indie bookstore Chevalier's in Larchmont for the book launch of PILLOW STALK in October 2012. The Polyester Press team has big ideas for this launch. Stay tuned.
Somehow a two hour project turned into an all-day job. ARCs for PILLOW STALK are packed and ready to be sent off to reviewers tomorrow. Goodreads giveaway is live, and the Advanced Access Program has been contacted.

Today has been all about PILLOW STALK, but tomorrow I'll get back to rewrites on book 2 in the Style & Error series.
Sent revised files to the printer for ARCS of PILLOW STALK today. Signed off on them a few hours later (wow, Non-Stop Printing is FAST). I'll pick them up and send to reviewers next week.