Very excited to partner with indie bookstore Chevalier's in Larchmont for the book launch of PILLOW STALK in October 2012. The Polyester Press team has big ideas for this launch. Stay tuned.
Somehow a two hour project turned into an all-day job. ARCs for PILLOW STALK are packed and ready to be sent off to reviewers tomorrow. Goodreads giveaway is live, and the Advanced Access Program has been contacted.

Today has been all about PILLOW STALK, but tomorrow I'll get back to rewrites on book 2 in the Style & Error series.
Peaceful flight and 2 solid hours of work on Style & Error book 2. I'm up to chapter 8 of the draft. If all goes well, the draft will go to the editor in October. I'm hoping for a December publication date but can't lock in yet.
I'm up to chapter 4 of Style & Error book 2. Slow but steady. The story feels more organic now. Flight home tomorrow, will continue.
Tonight is the official launch party for Designer Dirty Laundry, at the Blues JEAN Bar in Dallas, TX. So exciting!

Food and drink sponsors: check
Music: check
Books: check
Outfit: check
Plane ticket: check
Invitation: check

Let's go!
Sent revised files to the printer for ARCS of PILLOW STALK today. Signed off on them a few hours later (wow, Non-Stop Printing is FAST). I'll pick them up and send to reviewers next week.
Thinking about book two for the Style & Error series, I'm not happy with the way it starts, so I wrote a new chapter one. Now it's a matter of moving on from here, weaving in the story, dropping excess side plots, and getting a solid draft. I'm hoping to use the time on the plane to work.
It's been a long journey but Designer Dirty Laundry is officially out today. I think we'll have a Polyester Press office party this evening.
Based on the "24-48 hours until your title is live" expectation on Kindle's upload page, I sent the ebook files to Barnes & Noble and Amazon this morning. Everything should be A-Ok for the Tuesday June 5 release date.